Moon Over Vicki-Marie

Moon Over Vicki-Marie, originally uploaded by BlueBeyond.

On a recent trip to Coffs Harbour, I spent a sunset down by the harbour at Coffs Jetty, and captured some images of a working harbour at dusk.

This is an HDR image made from a single RAW file. Although I took multiple bracketed exposures, the movement of the boats in the moderate wind makes it impractical to use multiple images to create an HDR image without significant blurring of the foreground.

I liked the moon above the boats in the Harbour.

Chromodoris lochi and Passenger

This image was made at North Log, one of the brilliant dive sites near Uepi in the Solomon Islands.

The nudibranch is Chromodoris lochi, a reasonably common nudibranch in tropical Indo Pacific waters.

I liked the side on profile of this individual, and the blurred background really sharpens the nudibranch.

On processing this image, I was delighted to find an even smaller subject riding the back of the nudi.

Mudgee Clock Tower

Mudgee Clock Tower, originally uploaded by BlueBeyond.

Mudgee is a town about 4 hours west of Sydney. A picturesque country town, Mudgee is a great escape with many great restaurants, vineyards, cheese places, etc.

Its also very photogenic, with several old churches and buildings.

This image was made on a cool winters morning just before sunrise, and is of course an HDR image composited of three exposures.

I love the saturated colours you can capture from the combination of HDR and the muted early morning light.

Smooth Harbour Waters

Smooth Harbour Waters, originally uploaded by BlueBeyond.

View from Mrs Macquarie’s Chair in Sydney, overlooking the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House at Dusk.

Sydney is an incredibly stunning city, particularly at dusk, and I personally feel that the harbour is a large part of its magnificence.

The harbour is the home of the CBD, and provides several world famous landmarks, such as the bridge and the Opera House. Sydney Harbour is also a transport mechanism for many commuters, a home to defence infrastructure, a route for trade and commerce and a place of recreation (boating, fishing and even diving).

Photo of the Day: Chromodoris Annae Nudibranch

Chromodoris Annae Nudibranch, originally uploaded by BlueBeyond.

This beautiful little nudibranch was a spectacular find during a dive near Tawali in PNG’s Milne Bay Province.

I love the saturated colours and the spotted design of the nudibranch’s back.

Finding small stuff like nudibranchs, many smaller than your little finger-nail, is one of the pleasures of diving. There can be more stuff living in a single square metre under water than in an entire backyard. It amazes me that so many divers rush about to see a huge area, and miss the special stuff.

The Seghe P38 and Dive Boat Silhouette

Just off the end of the runway of the Seghe airstrip in Marovo Lagoon (near Uepi) there is a P38 lying in about 10m of water.

Following a day trip to dive Penguin Reef and the Babata Sinkhole, we made a short stop at Seghe to dive the wreck.

Although in the middle of the lagoon, the water is still quite clear but with some sediment. I felt that the combination of the silhouette of our dive boat in the surface, the spookiness of a wreck and the sediemnt, this image lent itself to black and white, and this is what I ended up with.