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Month: June 2011

Across the Bridge

Across the Bridge

Across the Bridge, originally uploaded by BlueBeyond.

Bare Island, La Perouse is a beautiful spot for photographs, particularly for a 6.58am sunrise with the beautiful greens and greys of the islands contrasting with the colourful sky.

I chose this perspective to try to make the island inviting. You’re drawn across the bridge to the inviting island that was once a fort protecting Sydney’s Botany Bay. If you’ve flown into Sydney you’ve probably flown right over Bare Island.

I do like this image, but want to go back soon and re-shoot it so that the edges of the island aren’t cropped.

Spinecheek Anemonefish

Spinecheek Anemonefish

Spinecheek Anemonefish, originally uploaded by BlueBeyond.

The spinecheek anemone fish is one of several anemone fish found in tropical Indo-Pacific waters.

This one is so named due to the spiney growth protruding from the side of the fish’s face that you can see quite clearly in the photo, just under the eye and extending over the flourescent white band.

These are quite a pretty anemone fish, founding living in a symbiotic relationship with its host anemone.

This image was made on a dive In Milne Bay, PNG, where we were diving from the Tawali Resort. I used a 60mm macro lens and two strobes to provide even lighting.

Cuddling Nudis

Cuddling Nudis

Cuddling Nudis, originally uploaded by BlueBeyond.

Its been waaayyyy too long since I posted a Photo of the Day, but will intend to get that going regularly again.

These two Chromodoris kuniei were spotted on a dive in 2006 in PNG’s Milne Bay area.

The nudibranch on the right is facing us, while the one on the left is facing away. This “69” position is how nudibranchs typically mate.

C. kuniei is one of the more vividly coloured nudibranchs, with the beautiful purples of the mantle edge and spots contrasting the golden brown.