Across the Bridge

Across the Bridge

Across the Bridge, originally uploaded by BlueBeyond.

Bare Island, La Perouse is a beautiful spot for photographs, particularly for a 6.58am sunrise with the beautiful greens and greys of the islands contrasting with the colourful sky.

I chose this perspective to try to make the island inviting. You’re drawn across the bridge to the inviting island that was once a fort protecting Sydney’s Botany Bay. If you’ve flown into Sydney you’ve probably flown right over Bare Island.

I do like this image, but want to go back soon and re-shoot it so that the edges of the island aren’t cropped.

  • Billkuiper62

    Love the photo and want to dive there! 

    • Hi Bill
      Thanks, its a great dive site. You and Mick should come up sometime and dive
      it with me.



  • Those pastel colors are beautiful!

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