Reeder for iPhone Supports Fever

Reeder for iPhone Supports Fever

I am addicted to RSS feeds. Well, addicted may overdo it a tad, but RSS is certainly the way I prefer to keep an eye on various websites, and thus to get my daily dose of technology, scuba and martial arts news.
For a long time I was a committed Google Reader user, which served well the back end management of my list of RSS feeds, and the syncing of then. For the front end, I loved the Reeder app for iPhone, iPad and Mac OSX.

Reeder is a simple but powerful app that syncs with Google Reader, providing a pleasant UI and easy interaction with services like Instapaper, Twitter, Readability, Pocket, Evernote and others. I much prefer to browse my RSS feeds in Reeder than in Google.

But, Google has been getting increasingly creepy for me (among many others), and have actually crossed the “creepy line”. I’ve decided to spread my data out among various providers (including Google, Apple and others), and one thing I did was to move my RSS feeds off Google Reader and onto Fever, a self hosted RSS engine. I’ve been loving it, and enjoying the fact that my data is now under my own control. Google now has less of a complete picture of me.

Fever works beautifully and because its web based it syncs seamlessly across devices. It has built connectivity to some of the services like Instapaper. The only thing I’ve been missing is the dedicated apps for iPhone and iPad, as I generally prefer apps over browser on these devices.

Granted there is the Ashes app for iPad. I found that it worked clunkily for a few days and now just crashes every time (literally every time) I try to do something radical, such as read my feeds. Waste of time and money!

I was pretty excited today to see the launch of Reeder 3.0 for iPhone, which supports reading Fever, Readability and Google Reader feeds. So far its working beautifully, bringing back the joy of a dedicated iPhone App for my RSS feeds. The seamless linking to Instapaper, Email, Evernote, etc is a joy, and I find that I can browse feeds much faster in this app than on a browser interface.

I’m looking forward to an iPad version too, but in the interim I will be happy to use the iPhone version at 2x on my iPad.

If you’re into RSS and use an iPhone, get Reeder. And if you want Google to have an incomplete picture of you, consider moving your feeds onto Fever.

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