Google+ Thinks I am inconsistent with community standards

Google+ Thinks I am inconsistent with community standards

Several months back I decided to reduce my exposure to Google, as it seemed to be getting “creepy”. I was (and still am to some degree) concerned that Google just has too much data on, well, everyone and everything. As part of this, I moved my rss to Fever (self-hosted), and killed my Google+ profile.
Keeping a keen eye on things as they develop, I think it is time for me to open up again to Google+, as it has some advantages, particularly to photographers. So I decided to swallow my pride and reactivate a Google+ profile.

Logging in today through my paid Google apps profile (on my own domain), I got most of the way through the process only to be told that my name “appears to be inconsistent with community standards”. I am not sure what this means, as I am using my real name (Des Paroz), which is linked to my longstanding paid Google Apps domain account. My google profile has been active for many years.

Anyway, I clicked the option to have my name reviewed for approval, and now my Google profile is suspended.

I certainly hope this doesn’t mean my email will stop working.

I look forward to Google turning this around, fast, and perhaps getting some insight into why my real, birth, name is inconsistent with community standards!

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