New iMacs – November?

New iMacs – November?

20121130-094603.jpgMy current iMac is a 4.5 year old 24″ model that is getting to the point it needs replacement. Actually, it realistically hit that point 6-9 months ago, but I’ve been hanging for an iMac refresh, and of course, since the announcement last month, I’ve been waiting for the new 2012 iMacs to be released.
With Apple’s announcement that the new iMacs will be available for ordering on 30 November, and that the 21.5″ version will be available for purchase, I assumed that I would be able to see at least those in the Apple Store in Sydney this morning (30 November). With some flexibility to work remotely this morning, I thought I’d wander in for a look.

I arrived in at the Sydney store just after opening at 8am, and was told that the new machines had arrived, but were not yet on display. I found this surprising, as Apple is generally known for having new stuff put out overnight. When I commented on this to the Apple Store Specialist I was talking to, he indicated that even they hadn’t been sure whether the new units would be available today. He stated that they would be put out on display “sometime this morning”.

I have a bit of time to kill, so I decided to walk down to the Broadway store, as it opens at 10am, and thus I thought there would be a good chance the new machines would be out on display.

I am now sitting in a coffee shop outside the Apple Store Broadway, and as the photo shows, the old iMacs are still on display.

I dislike the “this wouldn’t have happened if Steve was running the show” meme, and don’t want to suggest that would be the case. But I certainly think that the Apple Store’s need to have someone at the helm who ensures these seamless transitions. If the new model is being released on a day, the old ones should be gone (at the very least), and the new ones should be on display at opening.

Given that you can’t purchase iMacs from Apple at the moment, that display should’ve disappeared anyway yesterday, even if the new ones aren’t available.

I am looking forward to new iMac. I don’t know whether to order the new one as soon as its available for ordering, or whether to wait 30 days to let manufacturing processes. Heck, I am still wondering whether to go an iMac or a Mac mini with a 27″ Thunderbolt Display. But I do know I want to see the new iMac so I can make my decision.

Its not just the physical Apple world, btw, even online (website and the Apple Store app), there is no ability yet to purchase or even configure the new iMacs.

So, at least as far as Australia is concerned, were leaving it not just to last day, but actually the last few hours for the new 21.5″ iMac to be available in November. Be interesting to see what Apple means by “December” for the 27″ iMac…

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