Microsoft Surface Style and Substance

Microsoft Surface Style and Substance

I’m not inspired by the Surface Tablets by Microsoft. There doesn’t seems to be a lot of substance, and its backed up by catchy advertising that shouts a lot but says nothing.

3 thoughts on “Microsoft Surface Style and Substance

  1. iCloud is only applicable or convenient for people who have lots of Apple products in their houses. I would simply love to try it out some time. Maybe if I have a Macbook Air (soon!), I’ll be able to share incites with you.

  2. My one big complaint with the icloud is the inability to delete photos that end up on the cloud that I don’t want accessable everywhere. Otherwise the ease and convenience of the icloud is everything I hoped it would be. 

    1. Hi Meghan, I agree with what you say. Its good to know that the next version of iOS (5.1) is going to have the ability to delete photos from iCloud. I assume that will roll into MacOS, Aperture and iPhoto at some point soon.

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