Support the launch of the Ocean Guardians Directory & Magazine

Support the launch of the Ocean Guardians Directory & Magazine

My friends Cherie and Jim Dodd have setup a Pozible project to launch the Ocean Guardians – Magazine & Directory.

Jim and Cherie are two of the most passionate divers I know, and dive incredibly regularly around Nelson Bay. They are both very talented photographers, and are enthusiastic about protecting the oceans and building awareness of the life in it.

Cherie describes their vision for the project:

Over the years I have been gathering information about organizations, businesses, groups and individuals from around the world who are influential in the survival of our Oceans. While doing this I have met, both in person and virtually (thanks to the internet), some amazing people.

My plan is to take this growing collection of names and information to create the Ocean Guardians Directory and to share their inspirational stories though the Ocean Guardians Magazine …

As a Pozible project, the funding to get the project going comes from crowdsourcing – getting interested parties to commit to a contribution. The contribution is deducted from you only when the project reaches its stated goal to get off the ground.

I have pledged to support this project, and strongly encourage all divers and those with a passion for the marine environment to do so too!

BTW, Jim undertook a PADI Instructor Development Course with me at Let’s Go Adventures last year.

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