Around the Web – My Link Blog

Around the Web – My Link Blog

I’ve run a Linkblog I call Around the Web on the Des Paroz On The Go blog on and off for many years. The purpose is to share some links that I’ve found interesting around the web. I call these my Around the Web posts.
I’ve recently experimented with two types of linkblog:

  • Individual quick posts with perhaps a quote, a quick comment by me, and a link. The title of my blog post links directly to the linked site. The title generally included the ⟶ symbol to indicate it was an offsite link
  • Summary posts with a collection of links I’ve added to Pinboard (or previously Delicious)

The first method takes a bit more work, but results in customised posts. I find that I tend to only share the best of the best with this approach.

With the second approach, I’ve set things up with Pinboard and a WordPress plugin so that all I have to do is to add a post to Pinboard – a really easy thing to do with favourite apps like Reeder (iOS and OSX), Mr. Reader (iPad) and Instapaper.

From a workflow perspective the second method is far easier for me, but I think this results in me linking too many items, resulting in too much clutter. For example, one Around the Web post contained 22 links. Admittedly that was for a four day period, but I would rarely do five single post linkblog posts in a day if doing them individually.

Less is more, and in this case I am going to revert to individual posts on the items that I find most appealing. I am going to aim for a maximum of 3–5 per day, and if I don’t find anything I really want to share, its possible that there will be no posts.

My Around the Web linkblog posts will mostly link from the title directly to the link. This way any comments will be at the point where discussion will be most valuable – the source. I know this is taking you off site, but I hope the quality of my posts and the range of links I provide will keep you coming back.

Update 2/2/13

I’ve made a further change, and stripped the linkblog out into its own blog called Around the Web with Des Paroz. The latest three posts will appear in a sidebar on this page, and the web feed ( will aggregate the feed from both blogs. I’ve done this to keep the key focus on the posts on this site to the core topics of productivity, presentations and photography, and the technology that supports all three.

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