On the Go and Around the Web

On the Go and Around the Web

I’ve been giving a bit of thought to my writing, my photography, the structure of this blog and what I want to focus on going forward.

As I see it, this blog has three aspects to it:

  1. Articles on things that interest me, such as technology, productivity, the customer experience, scuba, photography, etc (which I call Des Paroz On The Go)
  2. A venue to share some of my selected images (Photos of the Day)
  3. A link blog (Around the Web) which is where I share a selection of links to sites, posts or images that I think you’ll find interesting

I’ve already shared some thoughts on my link blog, for which I’ve decided that I am going to narrow down to a maximum of 3-5 links per day, each with some commentary from me.

In order to increase “focus” on the main page, I’ve gone one step further, and have decided to move the link blog to a separate site (on the Scriptogr.am platform) which I setup recently. This linkblog is called Around the Web with Des Paroz, and can be found at around.desparoz.com.

The most recent three posts on Around the Web will be shown in a sidebar here on Des Paroz On The Go, so they can be easily seen, but where they’re out of the way of the main posts. There are no comments on the linkblog – the idea is to visit the target site and for you to interact at that source, if you want to.

Des Paroz On The Go will remain here on a WordPress blog, and will have the main posts by me. I am going to focus my posts on 3 topics – personal productivity, presentations and photography. Of course, the enabling technologies of these will feature significantly. The URL will remain desparoz.com.

Of course each site will have its own web feed (RSS), but there will be one aggregated feed, which will continue to be feeds.feedburner.com/desparoz/. If you’re already subscribed to that feed, you’ll receive all posts from both blogs.

I’m going to keep other topics on their own sites – diving related material will be at DivingIDC, and general martials arts writing will be at Applied Karate.

So, I look forward to greater focus on productivty, presentations and photography on this site, with the other sites supporting that focus.

Let me know how you think this will work in the comments.

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