Around the Web for March 21st through March 24th

Around the Web for March 21st through March 24th

These are my Around the Web links for March 21st through March 24th:

  • Microsoft Office on the iPad, Really? – Personally I am not a fan of Microsoft Office, and for several years did not use it on my own computers. I use it in a limited way now due to professional/academic requirements, and those of some consulting customers I work with. In particular some templates and macros just require it.

    I prefer Markdown for writing and Keynote for presenting.

    But I probably will load up Office on the iPad. Especially if it supports templates.

  • Two computer screens aren’t better than one – Personally I never really found that having 2 (or more) screens was good for productivity. If anything it causes distraction and confusion.

    I'm more a fan of a single screen with apps in full-screen mode. I can easily swipe to other apps if needed, and have various automations setup to allow quick access to apps I regularly need—such as Calendar (Fantastical), Contacts, etc.

  • Home | the groundsthe grounds – Had a great lunch at The Grounds at Alexandria. This venue is not just a restaurant or coffee shop. Its a true experience—a must do for Sydney-siders and those visiting!
  • Command-C Updated with Clipboard History, Mac to Mac Sharing, Connection Improvements
  • Acer | Application – AcerCloud looks like a cloud service with the architecture of BitTorrent Sync combined with some of the features of DropBox, Google Drive, etc

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