Around the Web for March 24th through March 25th

Around the Web for March 24th through March 25th

These are my Around the Web links for March 24th through March 25th:

  • Want to be anonymous? Now you have a right to be – "Australian citizens now have the right to remain anonymous or use a pseudonym when interacting with government agencies, private health service providers, and large organisations under new privacy laws."
  • Tumblr Staff – Following on from my previous link, its also good to see Tumblr adding 2 factor authentication.
  • Turning Two-Step Verification On and Off | LinkedIn Help Center – Glad to see LinkedIn offering 2 factor authentication. I'd prefer they didn't use the mobile number approach and that they would instead use an Authenticator app (like Authy or Google products). But its good to see them recognising the importance of additional security.
  • Wireless Backlit Keyboard for Mac, iPad, iPhone + Apple TV – Logitech – Keeping on with the multi-screen thread. As I stated, I have a preference to full screen displays, and use the iPad (and sometimes iPhone) as my second screen. My Logitech KB811 Easy-Switch keyboard is an important part of that approach for me.
  • ∞ The Multi-Screen Debate – Further to the previous link about Multiscreen—wherein I mentioned that I prefer a single screen for minimising distraction—comes this piece from Ben Brooks about the Multi-Screen Debate.

    I have to say that I agree with his point that the iPad is my second screen of choice.

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