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Month: July 2014

No Diving No Dogs No Stairs

No Diving No Dogs No Stairs

Sunrise at Mahon Pool, near Maroubra in Sydney’s east.

On a morning with sunrise potential, there are often photographers out at Mahon Pool. Most are shooting the sun rising over the pool or the nearby rocks. After the sun has risen, most pack up and go, but it is worth hanging around for and look at what the sun is doing on the interesting rock formations on the nearby coastline.

I was quite taken with these stairs to nowhere – clearly a relic of some bygone era. The current stairs are in the background, but these were quite interesting in how they just stop.

Not only is Mahon Pool a great spot for sunrise photography, it is also one of Sydney’s best shore dive spots, but only in a calm sea, due to the rather exposed entry and exit point.

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Around the Web for June 28th through July 4th

Around the Web for June 28th through July 4th

These are my Around the Web links for June 28th through July 4th:

My Feed Wrangler 12 Month Anniversary

My Feed Wrangler 12 Month Anniversary

I can’t believe it has been a year that I’ve been using Feed Wrangler.

Feed Wrangler

Which means it has also been a year since Google Reader was shut down.

My use of RSS (Web feeds) has not diminished in the past 12 months—if anything it has increased, and continues to be an incredibly important part of my daily workflow.

I use Feed Wrangler as a back end sync service, and don’t actually use their website very often, and don’t even have their iOS apps installed.

Feed Wrangler is a great sync service, and I love that I can pick the apps that best suit me at the front end[1]:

I’ve tried others, including Reeder on OSX, which is good but I like that ReadKit also serves my Pocket and Pinboard needs. Similarly I’ve played with Unread on iPhone, but keep coming back to Reeder.

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