Blue Jetty

Blue Jetty

Blue Jetty

Blue Jetty by Des Paroz on

With the sun set for the day, the crowds along Darwin’s shoreline had begun to go home, but some people stayed to enjoy the ‘blue hour’, a time when the sky provides some magical colour – if you keep an eye open for it. Or a lens….

This image is a composite of three images made while the camera was on a stable tripod, with each image being quite a long exposure, and then processed in Aurora HDR software.

The effect of the long exposures is to render a silky smoothness to what was actually a slightly choppy sea.

The blue hour is a great time for photography – different that the golden hour that occurs on the other side of the sun rise/set, and shooting both can provide some interesting variety in the space of a couple of hours.

As a matter of interest, compare this to ‘Red Jetty’, an image which was captured at the same location just as the sun was setting.

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