Returning to Pocket

Returning to Pocket

A while back I wrote about App Support for iPad Centric Workflows, in which I discussed a bunch of apps I relied upon in my writing and photography workflows.

Key among these was a ‘read-it-later’ service. I have been a long time user of Pocket, but was growing increasingly frustrated by the company’s failure to update their iPad app to support multitasking, particularly split screen. Even though I subscribe to the premium Pocket service, I switched to Instapaper shortly after posting this article because there was no light at the end of the tunnel.

Today, on the eve of the launch of iOS 11, there has been an update to the app, with the update notes stating:

We’re excited to (finally) add support for Split Screen and Slide Over on iPad.

I have switched back, primarily for two reasons.

  1. I love Pockets sharing functionality that allows me to share stories with other Pocket users from within the app. My wife and I share articles with each other all the time this way.
  2. I’ve never really been comfortable with Instapaper being (now) a free service, owned by Pinterest. Really not a fan of sharing my data with a big corporation where I am the product.

Happy to be back on Pocket, and I hope that they will continue their support for iPad based workflows.

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