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Returning to Pocket

A while back I wrote about App Support for iPad Centric Workflows, in which I discussed a bunch of apps I relied upon in my writing and photography workflows. Key among these was a ‘read-it-later’ service. I have been a long time user of Pocket, but was growing increasingly frustrated by the company’s failure to…
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App Support for iPad Centric Workflows

Its been some two years since Apple announced iOS 9, complete with iPad split screen and other multitasking functionality. My iPads Pro are a key part of my writing, productivity and increasingly, photography, workflow. This is even more the case since the announcement of iOS 11, and all the incredible new iPad Pro centric enhancements.…
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Airpods FTW

When I saw the Apple Airpods announced alongside the iPhone 7 I thought they looked interesting, but was a bit skeptical that they would be impractical for my workout needs. Like many, I was worried that they would drop out of my ears easily during a workout. When it was clear that they would be…
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Thoughts on Evolving to an iPad Only Future

I've discussed previously about how more and more people are going iPad only, or at least iPad Primary. People like Federico Viticci have famously gone iPad only, and educator Fraser Spiers wonders if a MacBook Pro can substitute for an iPad Pro. More and more people are sharing their adventures and epiphanies in going iPad…
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Completing The iPad Pro – The Smart Keyboard

I ordered my iPad Pro just over two weeks ago - and it arrived here in Darwin just two days later. At the same time I considered purchasing the Smart Keyboard, but the expected delivery was 4–5 weeks, so I decided to wait and see what other options would come onto the market. I ordered…
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Fraser Spiers Asks If The MacBook Pro Can Substitute For An IPad Pro

Fraser Speirs (@fraserspeirs) asks the question Can the MacBook Pro Replace Your iPad?. In this article, Speirs focuses on the strengths of the iPad Pro, and then compares how the MacBook Pro meaures up. Some of his key points are interesting. On the form factor… The fact that the keyboard and screen are limited to…
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MacSparky on iCloud Drive Sync Improvements

MacSparky discusses the recent improvements in iCloud Drive sync The reason I’ve been so critical of iCloud lately is because I haven’t dismissed it. This is in line with my thinking – I have expectations that iCloud can be a real enabler. But it is true to say that Apple has had an extremely ‘two…
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Putting the recipient last… With Let.ter

Email is one of the most important ways people communicate in the contemporary world, yet it is one that is often frought with problems, most of which seem to stem from a lack of attention to detail before hitting the send button. Over at MacDrifter, Gabe Weatherhead discusses a simple concept: The last thing you…
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My Feed Wrangler 12 Month Anniversary

I can’t believe it has been a year that I’ve been using Feed Wrangler. Which means it has also been a year since Google Reader was shut down. My use of RSS (Web feeds) has not diminished in the past 12 months—if anything it has increased, and continues to be an incredibly important part of…
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Siri Performance Improvements

MacRumors has today reported on a study by Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster showing improvements in performance of the iOS virtual assistant Siri. Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster, who has regularly assessed Siri’s accuracy in terms of correctly interpreting and answering queries, has issued the latest version of his Siri report card, noting that Siri…
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Fires Near Me app featured on the App Store

Back in January I posted about the Rural Fire Services of NSW’s Fires Near Me app on what was a record temperature day in NSW, with a declared catastrophic fire danger. Fortunately the danger passed mostly smoothly. Ten months later we are in the midst of a declared State of Emergency in NSW and that…
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Pro Apps at tomorrow’s Apple event?

There is as expected a lot of noise going around about tomorrow’s Apple event. Of course there will be new a new iPad - probably both a full size and an iPad mini with Retina. Theres likely to be new MacBooks and I think the long awaited MacPro is bound to get a mention. OSX…
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