A thought in reply to: Followers on Microblog – Ron Chester’s Personal Blog

Ron Chester lays out an approach to finding people to follow on Micro.blog.

I like Ron’s four strategies, although I might call them four stages of evolution as I went through a very similar process—and still do. Strategies 2 and 4 are the ones that I find most rewarding.

The concluding paragraphs of Ron’s post, however, have some real gold. In particular:

There are no visible scores on Microblog. This is a very good thing. It means I can just concentrate on posting things others might find interesting and then being interested in things I might find posted by others. There’s no way to tell who’s popular, nor a way to game a system to look more popular. I hope that doesn’t change.

I hope that others might see this post, and choose to follow Ron on Micro.blog, or maybe to subscribe to Ron’s new blog on Blot.im.

If you’re a Micro.blog user looking for people to follow, take a look at Ron’s post, and perhaps also take a look at Colin Walker’s Webmentions directory, or perhaps my webmention directory.

Something I like: Micro.blog + Facebook | Manton Reece

I love that Manton has enabled Facebook syndication (cross posting) from Micro.blog.

I have yet to turn it on, and the availability of the feature is giving me pause to consider what posts go where.

My current thinking is that I would probably want longer form posts to go to the Facey, but most of my Micro Thoughts are probably best left for Micro.blog and Twitter.

This is kind of ironic, because the Facey is, for me, the place where people post their most mundane thoughts and there is decreasingly little quality writing there.

A Sydney sunrise. I love getting out for sunrise photos and would probably do it more often if it weren't for two other things that demand early morning time:

  1. Work
    2. Sleeping in

Something I like: The Doctor debate

A really thoughtful post by @colinwalker on the actor to play the next generation lead in the Doctor Who series.

I think that there is a real possibility that the new lead will bring a whole new dimension to a character that is defined as one that re-generates from time-to-time. The ability to bring feminine attributes to this character should present interesting opportunities for the character’s ongoing development.

I hope that the actor is judged by the performance and ability to bring life to the character, and not by gender.