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Masterful story-telling in the first trailer for Star Trek: The Force Awakens

Like most people who have a love for sci-fi, I eagerly watched the first trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens yesterday. [1] After watching the trailer for the fifth or sixth time I started to really notice the masterful story-telling – exemplified in the words and tone; and the vision and music. Words and…
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Deckset on Show

I’m a big fan of markdown as a way of writing. I generate most of my content in Markdown using Byword for Mac[1] and Byword for iOS, supported by tools like Editorial, MultiMarkdown Composer, nvAlt and Marked. These tools allow me to put together blog posts, as well as write articles, reports, training programs and…
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Avoid Presentation Interruptions in Mavericks

I’ve written before about how I believe that system interuptions should be completely disabled during presentations, and how Windows devices shouldn’t be used for presentations if possible because of their propensity to interupt the user anytime. In my experience, Mac OSX devices are far better for presentations because the system tends to not interupt you…
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Windows – The Wrong Platform for Presentations?

Windows PCs should not be used for Presenting One of the best events I get to go to every couple of years is OZTeK, a conference that focuses on the science, technology and mentality of diving on the cutting edge. It’s even cooler (for me) that for the third time this year, I was one…
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iPads of March 2013

In March 2012 I decided to go for a month using my iPad as my primary on-the-go device - a month I called iPads of March. My iMac in my home/office continued to be my "heavy-lifting" device for processing images/videos, building presentations, text formatting for some manuscripts I was working on and for accounting activities…
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