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Merry Christmas Wishing visitors a very Merry Christmas. Have a safe and happy holiday. Colosseum The Colosseum is such a large and important part of both the history of the Roman Empire and the City of Rome that it is actually hard to write something new and interesting about it. Photographically, any trip to Rome…
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Putting the recipient last… With Let.ter

Email is one of the most important ways people communicate in the contemporary world, yet it is one that is often frought with problems, most of which seem to stem from a lack of attention to detail before hitting the send button. Over at MacDrifter, Gabe Weatherhead discusses a simple concept: The last thing you…
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Siri Performance Improvements

MacRumors has today reported on a study by Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster showing improvements in performance of the iOS virtual assistant Siri. Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster, who has regularly assessed Siri’s accuracy in terms of correctly interpreting and answering queries, has issued the latest version of his Siri report card, noting that Siri…
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David and KatieFloyd Talk Email on MacPower Users

I’ve been away on work related stuff for the last few weeks, and am catching up on lots of things. This morning I listened to the MacPower Users podcast episode on Email, which was a really good indepth study on the state of play of best practice in email management. Well worth a listen. Prior…
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Sanebox – Sanity for your email experience

Like most people who have been around the internet for a while, I get a lot of email. Much of it is spam - and most of this never makes it to my inbox due to spam filters in place. But even after taking out the spam there is still a lot of low priority/importance…
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Apps for Fever Update

Last week I published a post on the State of Play for Fever RSS and Apps, providing an overview of the iOS and OSX apps available to support Shaun Inman’s brilliant, self-hosted, RSS system Fever. After a long period of little development on the app front, this last week has seen some exciting developments. I…
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Notetaking Symbology

Note Taking Symbology Patrick Rhone today posted about his Dash/Plus System for taking notes. It is an elegant approach to capturing ideas, discussions and other items that might come up, and then working out whether they are an action (open or closed), a “waiting for” item, a delegated item, etc. I suggest you take a…
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Backing Up – Securing Your Files for the Present and the Future

Backing Up - Securing Your Files for the Present and the Future In an increasingly paperless world more and more of our data is being digitised. While offering many opportunities, there are (at least) three challenges presented by this: Backup of data in case of loss or destruction of the host system; Accessibility of the…
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Ulysses III: Slick new text editor from The Soulmen

Great new text editor from The Soulmen: Ulysses III As anyone who reads this site regularly knows, I love writing in Markdown. It’s a writing syntax that is best described as a tool that allows me to focus on the writing, not the formatting. For Markdown, there are a number of text editors and other…
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Concussion diagnosis: There’s an app for that

The whole quantified self movement gains momentum with every new app and gadget that allows us to track our own health and that of others. Via Gizmodo Australia comes news that scientists have now found a way of diagnosing concussion in sports players:Researchers at the University of Notre Dame have developed a voice-recognition iPad app…
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Keeping Your Phone on Silent

Have you ever been waiting in a queue for service for some time, only to have to wait a bit longer because the assistant stops to take a phone call? When I've experienced this I've often been frustrated, and I think this is because I wonder why the person on the phone gets priority over…
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The Point of Paperless: Eliminating Paper-bourne Clutter

2013 is for me the year where I am completing my transition to a fully paperless life in my business initiatives, and in my personal life. In order to get a picture of what this actually means, I've thought long and hard about the definition of the term "paperless". I've been intending to post about…
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