In the interests of ensuring information about that might be pertinent, I provide the following disclosures

  1. This site is a self hosted WordPress site.
  2. I do include affiliate links to offerings that I personally use, and only for offerings that I would recommend friends to use.
  3. Income from affiliate links, etc, have not even gone close to covering the costs of this site.
  4. The views expressed on this site do not in any way represent the policy, views or opinions of any company or organisation who I might work with or for.
  5. I was a co-founder of TeamFocus. My involvement today is as an adviser and friend. I do like the product.
  6. I generally try to avoid posts about things I don’t like or use. I’d prefer not to do “negative reviews”
  7. I do not do paid reviews or endorsements. If you want to give me a product to try, I might write about it if I see value in it. Or I might not.