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Friction and mindful blogging

In a thought-provoking post called Friction and silo dead-ends Manton Reece discusses the importance of friction in reducing fake news: I believe in a middle-ground solution. Make it easier to post to your blog. and But don’t make thoughtless re-sharing completely frictionless. That’s what leads to fake news spreading, why hateful tweets are exposed in…
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7 Reasons Why Posting on your own blog (first) is better than Medium

Over on The Writing Cooperative, a blog hosted on Medium, Anna Sabino writes about 7 Benefits of Writing on Medium over Having Your Own Blog. In this post, Ms Sabino articulates 7 reasons why posting to Medium have worked for her. I suggest that she is missing an important opportunity—to write first on her own…
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a post
micro.blog founder Manton Reece has posted about the importance of photo-blogging as part of the overall (micro) blogging approach. I agree whole-heartedly, and will add distribution to the micro-blog as part of my photo publishing workflow.
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The Middle Ground

Over the past few months I have started drafting a number of posts that I have yet to complete. I setup the Around the Web link blog on Pinboard as a place to track links of interest, with the idea being that I could have short comments. These, in theory, get rolled up into regular…
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