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Mont St Michel

Mont St Michel

Mont St Michel

In 2015 I visited France. With some colleagues, we took an overnight trip to visit Mont St Michel, the famous abbey on an island in France’s Normandy region.

We timed our arrival for the mid afternoon and enjoyed a spectacular sunset. We also enjoyed sunrise the next morning, and a day of exploration in this fascinating abbey.

This was one of those locations that the one night there was not sufficient to do justice to the scene, but I am reasonably happy with the result.

I previously worked this using HDR techniques, but was never really happy with the results. I’ve reattacked the image just using a single RAW file, and processing in the current version of Lightroom. No additional processing was used, and I am quite happy with the result.

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Image Data

  • C: Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX7
  • L: Panasonic Lumix G Vario 35-100mm f/4.0-5.6
  • E: Lightroom CC
Phare du Petit Minou

Phare du Petit Minou

Phare du Petit Minou by Des Paroz on

One of the landmarks clearly seen on entering the magnificent port of Brest in France is the lighthouse known as the Phare du Petit Minou.

For mariners of today and days past, lighthouses guide the way to safety around hidden dangers. A lighthouse seen from an appropriate distance can provide comfort, but a lighthouse seen from up close, too late, can bring sheer terror.

The symbolism of lighthouses cuts across many parts of life. There are few paths which have not been trodden by others before us, and in many cases those people left clues about dangers on the path, and routes of best passage. The clues are there for us, and by paying attention we can avoid dangers that others have faced.

This image was created at sunset, which was very late in the evening – around 10:30pm. The image was shot at f/16 with a shutter speed of 2 seconds on ISO 200. Obviously a tripod was the critical piece of equipment to ensure a good, sharp image.

My equipment for this image was my Panasonic Lumix GX–7 with the Olympus 12–40mm f/2.8 PRO lens and my trusty Really Right Stuff tripod.

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