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Deckset on Show

Deckset on Show

I’m a big fan of markdown as a way of writing. I generate most of my content in Markdown using Byword for Mac[1] and Byword for iOS, supported by tools like Editorial, MultiMarkdown Composer, nvAlt and Marked.

These tools allow me to put together blog posts, as well as write articles, reports, training programs and even books. The cool thing is that with Markdown I can write once and then reuse the same content easily in multiple formats.

Now I can use Markdown to create brilliant presentations using a new Mac app called Deckset (available in the Mac App Store). The following Slideshare presentation—created in Deckset and embedded here[2]—is my review of Deckset.

The short version—Deckset for Mac is great. Go get it.

  1. This and other links to the Mac or iOS App stores are affiliate links. Thanks in advance 😉  ↩

  2. Here is the original Markdown file for the Deckset On Show presentation so you can see how it was constructed.  ↩

Avoid Presentation Interruptions in Mavericks

Avoid Presentation Interruptions in Mavericks

I’ve written before about how I believe that system interuptions should be completely disabled during presentations, and how Windows devices shouldn’t be used for presentations if possible because of their propensity to interupt the user anytime.

In my experience, Mac OSX devices are far better for presentations because the system tends to not interupt you when doing important things. With the recent enhancements to the notifications functionality, there is a growing possibility that individual apps will popup notifications that will appear on screen. So you might get a text message on screen, or a news update, or similar.

OSX Mavericks has a great way to avoid this. In System Preferences navigate to Notifications (System Preferences>Notifications) and in the Do Not Disturb option check the box to turn on DND “When mirroring to TVs and projectors”.

Attention to detail like this will allow your presentations to be smoother and you will be less likely to have your presentation, train of thought and audience’s attention interupted.