A thought in reply to: 15/06/2017, 08:43

My feed is more all-in-one. I have a separate feed for the micro posts, although that is superfluous if people follow on micro.blog.

I have to give some thought as to whether to have a separate feed for long form posts, but so far haven’t seen the need.

The Micro Blogging evolution begins…

I backed Manton Reece’s¬†Micro.Blog¬†Kickstarter, and have today received my Micro Blogging beta account.

I love the concept that you own your own content, hosting it on your personal blog and your personal micro blog, and then cross-posting out to other sites and feeds. We should all own our own content, and not trust that the various social media platforms will stick around and play nice.

micro.blog definitely in its early stages, with even functions like finding other users still quite complex (although it is apparently coming soon). If you’re not reasonably tech-savvy, I’d recommend waiting until the beta is over (or at least in later stages). If you are tech savvy, join the conversation.