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A Cold War with China? ⟶

A Cold War with China? ⟶

In today’s Australian Financial Review: China rebuffs Australia-US ‘Cold War style’ co-operation (paywall).

…China’s ambassador to Australia, Chen Yu­ming, told The Australian Financial Review there was too much emphasis on the strengthening of military alliances in the Asia-Pacific region and not enough on the pressing economic difficulties which meant countries like the US, China, Europe and Japan had to work closely together.

Has the European Union finally become a country?

China’s relationships with other countries is clearly a touchy subject. Disputes with Japan over ownership of the Senkaku Islands (known as the Daioyu Islands by the Chinese), and other disputes over maritime boundaries in the South China Sea are at least part of the United States’ Pivot to Asia.

But I think it is realistic that the pivot is more about trade, economics and diplomatic relations.