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Australian Shark Attacks

Its summer, the news is a little light on, so the media begins to focus on shark attacks: Some may have considered the three fatal shark attacks in West Australian waters in 2011 to be a tragic coincidence. However, when a further two fatal attacks and one life threatening shark attack occurred in the state in 2012, many had little doubt…
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Shark Extinction

A couple of months ago I blogged about Shark Perils, showing a great infographic from Josh Aggars. Josh has gone one better, and created a new infographic  that shows the shocking truth behind shark extinction. Created by Surfmeisters.com Surf Blog | Surf Videos | Havaianas Shark numbers are in decline, and as the apex predator…
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Shark Perils

As a keen scuba instructor-trainer, I am a big believer in advocating self defence in our oceanic adventures. But mostly in defending ourselves from the silly antics of people. Marine life is seldom a problem, but is headline making whenever an "attack" occurs.... Created by Surfmeisters Surf Blog | Surf Videos | Flip Flops
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