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Quick Site Update

Quick Site Update

Just a couple of quick notes about the Des Paroz On The Go website.

  1. Firstly, I’ve moved the site over to Squarespace. I have been planning to do this for a while, and finally bit the bullet. This is the third site I personally have on Squarespace, plus I manage two others hosted there. It’s a very integrated service, and the native Markdown support is certainly a bonus. This is my first live site thats on Squarespace6. SS6 certainly provides a lot of additional flexibility and functionality, but does take some getting used to. I am getting to like it a lot.

  2. I’ve killed the old RSS feeds that were using Feedburner. I’ve moved away from the free Google offering to a paid offering at Looking good so far. All old feeds should be redirecting seamlessly. Let me know if you get any issues in the comments.

  3. I am moving my link blog back to a simple Pinboard setup. I have the latest 5 links in the sidebar here, or you can visit Des Paroz on Pinboard

Anyway, just some housekeeping, but hope it’s of interest.