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On Likes, Faves and Sharing

I’ve been thinking a little more about what Jack Baty wrote about the notion that likes on social networks should be private. Jack suggests that likes (and faves, and hearts, and…) should be visible only to the “Like-or and the Like-ee”. For the Like-or, Jack’s approach allows them to keep a list of things they…
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Ello to the future of social media?

Thomas Hawk on his movement from Facebook to ello. I’ve been increasingly disappointed with my experience on Facebook. I find that fewer and fewer of my friends are seeing what I post and engagement is increasingly going down. I’m seeing more and more “sponsored” posts and advertising crowding out organic content, which probably plays a…
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DogHouseDiaries on social media’s simmering privacy policies

Social Media is an important way to interact with friends and colleagues, and in many cases, with colleagues, customers and suppliers. It can be a powerful tool, but it can also be an incredible productivity sinkhole. It is also a fact that many of the major social media services have progressively and slowly evolved (eroded)…
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App.Net goes free. Hopefully not into free-fall.

The Twitter-alternative social network known as App.Net (ADN) has gone free, in a way, as of today. Launched initially as a paid service, ADN has had a special feel about it as the signal-to-noise ratio is excellent, with spamming non-existent, and actual conversations between what seem to largely be real people. The value proposition was…
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AFR: Tweets, Facebook posts track fire hotspots

The Australian Financial Review has a good article describing the role played by social media in getting the word out about fire warnings during the potentially catastrophic confluence of weather we had on Tuesday. As discussed in my post on the the NSW Bushfires and the Fires Near Me app, agencies like the NSW Rural…
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Social Media 2013 Video

I've been a fan of Eric Qualman's (T: @equalman) writings and videos on social media for several years now, and am happy to see his Social Media 2013 Video. I love some of the quotes/stats from the video, including: 1 in 5 couples meet online; 3 in 5 gay couples meet online Every minute 72…
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Social Media Revolution 3

Its strange that in 2011 there are still businesses operating with the belief that Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+ and more) are fads, and that social media doesn't have a direct business role to play. Over the past few years, I've enjoyed Erik Qualman's Social Media Revolution slideshow that he has put together…
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Social Media – Its a First Person Thing

Our new Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard has started tweeting (@JuliaGillard), following on from our ex-PM Kevin Rudd (@KevinRuddMP). Where Kevin07 seems to speak for himself, dropping anecdotes and one liners, Ms Gillard's tweets are clearly from a staffer. Consider these examples (the last three as of this writing): The PM is giving a speech in…
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