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Lateran Obelisk & Aqueduct House

Lateran Obelisk The Lateran Obelisk is the largest standing Egyptian Obelisk in the world, and stands prominently in a piazza in Rome, not far from the Colosseum. We kind of stumbled across this monument after visiting some basilicas in the area. I took a look at the Modern Atlas iOS app and found mention of…
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Cobblestone Passageway

Positano in the low season is marked by low numbers of tourists, and with many of the hotel, restaurant and retail workers being employed seasonally, the township is very quiet. There are many opportunities to explore the streets, alleys and stairways without the crowds, and much of the time there are opportunities to make photos…
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Downtown Core by Night

Downtown Core by Night     Singapore’s Downtown Core is the CBD of the city, built around the visually spectacular Marine Bay. The Bay is a freshwater reservoir, ensuring generally smooth surfaces for reflections from the picturesque city at night. As usual, blue hour is very much my favourite time to shoot, and this image…
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Central Station

Central Station Central Station by Des Paroz on 500px Sydney’s Central Railway Station is the main hub for interstate and country trains. The grand old building is the hub of the station, and makes for some interesting street photography opportunities. I love the architecture here, and could spend hours exploring the station, the platforms and…
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The Lights Are On

The Lights Are On by Des Paroz on 500px Christmas is a magical time in many cities, with colourful lights everywhere. For a photographer, getting to places where the lights are on when the crowds aren’t there either means an early start or staying late. In Sydney this can be especially challenging with some shopping…
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