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App Support for iPad Centric Workflows

Its been some two years since Apple announced iOS 9, complete with iPad split screen and other multitasking functionality. My iPads Pro are a key part of my writing, productivity and increasingly, photography, workflow. This is even more the case since the announcement of iOS 11, and all the incredible new iPad Pro centric enhancements.…
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a post
micro.blog founder Manton Reece has posted about the importance of photo-blogging as part of the overall (micro) blogging approach. I agree whole-heartedly, and will add distribution to the micro-blog as part of my photo publishing workflow.
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Trey’s Peak And Lightroom Mobile goes RAW

There have been a couple of pretty interesting photography related things happening in the last week. Trey’s Peak Earlier this week photographer Trey Ratcliff and photography accessory designer Peak Designs launched a kickstarter campaign for four new photography bag designs - two backpacks, a ‘tote’ bag and a sling bag. https://twitter.com/TreyRatcliff/status/753000619280109569 Their goal was to…
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A lesson re-learned

I sometimes wonder how often we have to re-learn a lesson we’ve previously learned. It can be an especially intriguing conundrum when we make a mistake that not only have we previously learned, but one for which measures have been put in place to minimise associated risks. Recently I went out for some sunrise photography…
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