My Favourite Productivity Applications

Well, just thinking about the various productivity applications that I use to support my day-to-day life, my GTD implementation and computer time in general.  I have learnt the hard way that keeping it simple is a good thing – and that the technology you use should support your system, rather than be the focus of your system.  So I am very careful now to evaluate carefully whether a new technology is in fact useful, or whether its adding overhead to my system.

So that said, here are several applications that I use on a regular basis throughout the day

  • MindManager from MindJet Systems.  Simply the best mind mapping tool I’ve found yet
  • ActiveWords. A terrific way of re-defining the human-computer interface.  Just say the word, and ActiveWords will take control of various pre-defined and routine functions for you.  Buzz Bruggeman is the guy behind ActiveWords, and is certainly a wonderful ambassador for both the Blogosphere, as well as GTD
  • Anagram from Textual is a simple way to capture text, contacts, appointments, etc, straight to your Palm Desktop or Outlook environment.  It is smart – you simply highlight text, and it makes an effort to determine what it is, and what information goes into various fields.  A real time saver
  • Copernic Desktop Search.  A fantastic and simple interface to search your desktop.  If you’re not using desktop search, you should be.
  • Bloglines. I’m on the go, and regularly use three computers, plus my Palm.  Keeping my blogroll in one place, and in sync is powerful, especially as I’ve come to depend on Blogs (I really mean RSS feeds) as a primary news source.

I’m sure that these apps will not be “news” to most on the blogosphere, but I just thought that I should give some credit back to them for productivity benefits they have provided to me.


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