Phone Spam from Dodo

Dodo is an Australian internet service provider.
2 minutes ago I received a phone call from a person who identified themselves as calling from Dodo.  Their next statement was “can you tell me who your internet service provider is”?  I said “No”.

Then she said “can you tell me who your phone service is with, is it with Telstra”, to which I answered “why should I tell you that?”.

Then she started on a marketing pitch about why I should join Dodo, since she stated that I’d told her “that I don’t have internet”.

My response was that I hadn’t told her that, but had told her I wouldn’t tell her, as she’d been asking me for personal information without telling me why it was being requested, and what they were going to do with it.  I informed her that under the law they must tell me that.

She paused for a few seconds, thought about it, and hung up on me.

Under the Australian Privacy Act, companies collecting personal information must tell you why they are collecing it, and what they are going to do with it.

If anyone reading this is from Dodo, or knows somewhere there, you’d better take heed.  Not only are you breaking the law in your tele marketing campaign, but your call centre’s customer service sucks big time.  Based on this experience, I would never consider Dodo, and would be likely to warn others not to.

This would be a good case study for Dodo to use “for training purposes”, except they didn’t bother to tell me if they were planning to record the conversation, and allow me to opt out.  So they mustn’t have taped it, because that would be illegal…..

PS. If you couldn’t tell, I love telemarketers calling me unsolicited at home.


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  1. It could be not from Dodo but people using their name to trick us. I got the same phone call they were pretending to give me small thin Ipad, I said i do not need, then they suggested a mobile phone and started to say we are recording, straight i knew it is a spam

    1. You could be right of course, but I doubt it. The caller clearly identified themselves as being from Dodo, and gave me a spiel before carrying on.
      Nonetheless, its been over 5 years since the call, and I’ve not had a single other call from them. I guess I am clearly on their “don’t bother, he doesn’t have internet” list.

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