MacBook Air: The Next iOS4 Device?

Since the renaming of the iPhoneOS as the iOS, its become clear that this operating system holds a far bigger place in Apple’s futures product lines than simply phone devices. Already it features in the iPhone (4 versions), iPod touch and most recently the wonderful iPad.

The question remains: what next?

A lot of speculation is that the AppleTV will be ported to the iOS. I think thats likely, and overdue, especially since the AppleTV is well overdue an upgrade. But I think there’s another possibility.

Its been quite a while since the MacBook Air has been updated, and it strikes me that the Air is a perfect candidate for a mobile oriented OS like iOS.

Think about it, but a MacBook Air is little more than an iPad with a keyboard and a tracking device. It works best with over the air connectivity, like the iPad, and would work well with online cloud based data that will hopefully be opened up with MobileMe or similar (beyond Calendar, Contacts, Bookmarks, etc).

If the iOS could be upgraded to include the ability to deal with a keyboard, track pad and real access to cloud based storage, then it would be the perfect OS for a MacBook Air replacement. Low profile apps would be perfect, as would MobileMe for iWork and other app data storage.

This is pure speculation, of course, but I’m willing to bet we’ll see something similar to this within a year – perhaps by year end. In fact, with the well publicised fact that iOS4 won’t be available for the iPad until year end, I’m willing to bet this would be a good timing for such a release, or at least announcement.

What do you think? Would you buy an iBook Air?


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