The Underwater Photographer by Martin Edge (4th Edition)

Somehow I missed the fact that the fourth edition of my favourite book on UW photography has been released.


The Underwater Photographer, Fourth Edition by Martin Edge is an amazing update of what was already an incredibly good book. Completely revised to completely focus on the digital age, this book is an important addition to every underwater photographer’s library. The book features an entirely new set of photos shot specifically for the edition.

Please read my review of the third edition of the Underwater Photographer by Martin Edge. I intend to update this review, but will completely read the new edition from cover-to-cover first.

My only initial request is for an Amazon Kindle version of the book. I am trying to cut back on clutter and do a bit for the environment, and am being very selective in purchasing printed books. An ebook version would also be excellent for dive travel.

Buy The Underwater Photographer, Fourth Edition by Martin Edge at (aff.)


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