Vertical Wreck

Vertical Wreck
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My photo of the day today is a picture of the Taiyo wreck in Marovo Lagoon, Solomon Islands. A Taiwanese fishing vessel on its maiden voyage ran aground on the adjacent reef. The sheer wall of the reef drops down to several thousand metres!

During the salvage, the vessel slipped bank and sank, stern first. The stern got wedged in a coral outcrop at just over 40m, and now rests vertically – one of only two known vertical wrecks in the world. The bow (pictured) comes to about 2m.

On the day we dived the wreck in September 2009, the water was uncharacteristically murky with a lot of sediment. I decided to shoot mostly with natural light (without strobes). Even so, the majority of the images had a gloomy green cast. Gloomy is ok for wrecks, but not so the green cast. I felt that the image may be better in monochrome, and this is the result.

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