Layabout Reimagined

Layabout Reimagined, originally uploaded by BlueBeyond.


Layabout was an image I originally published in 2005 on my Flickr photostream. It is a personal favourite – I like the composition and the colours.

With the dynamic range of the camera I was shooting on at the time (a Nikon D100), I recently wondered how its would look with HDR. I came out with 2 versions – one with a more realistic range of tones and better saturation than the original, and this one!

This image – Layabout Reimagined – is an example of the artsy effect that can be achieved with HDR. It can’t be described as realistic – its an unrealistic impression of a real scene. But it is striking.

Personally, I prefer the more natural usage of HDR, but its worth experimenting and playing with, and understanding the effects you can get with the software.

HDR tonemapping applied to an originally made on a Nikon D100 in 2005. My goal was to experiment with the more painterly effect that can be achieved with HDR.



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