Billy Ghizo’s Gorgonian Gardens

Brilliant growth of gorgonian fans and other soft and hard coral at Billy Ghizo Point, near Uepi.

I love the gorgonian growth at Uepi – its simply the best I’ve seen anywhere. In fact, to date, I’d say Uepi represents the best all round coral reef diving I’ve done anywhere.

Its probably because its so remote – to get there involves a small plane from Honiara to Seghe – an airport that consists of a bedded down coral runway and shack for a terminal building. From there you wander down to the edge of the lagoon and clamber onto a motorised canoe for the 40 minute trip across the lagoon. When you arrive at Uepi, a welcoming cool drink awaits!

Diving at Uepi is spectacular. Some great dives are literally right at the resort, and others are 10-20 minutes away. There are a couple of all day trips that are special, but most of the best diving is close.

Its the most relaxing, wonderful diving holiday location I could imagine.


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