Skull Cave in PNG’s Milne Bay

Skull Cave, originally uploaded by BlueBeyond.

One of the adventures of travel is that you often get to see some amazing sights.

This skull cave is one of two that are adjacent to each other in PNG’s Milne Bay area. It is an ancient cave that dates back to the headhunters who frequented the area.

To get there from Tawali, a dive resort we stayed at in 2006, you catch a boat, then do a short trek through the jungle. The guides, generally PNG nationals, then take you to the caves, and layout small candles to provide some ambient light. These caves are quite dark, although you don’t go more than 20-30m from the entrance.

It still amazes me just how many skulls there were there.

I also remember being quite amazed that as we returned to the boat, after visiting a nearby waterfall and lagoon, to find some locals had set up booths to sell some simple local wares. There were only a small handful of us, and communications in the area were quite basic. But the bush telegraph got the message through.


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