Out and About During the iPads of March

20120315-225323.jpgMy iPads of March experience is swimming along nicely, and not only have I not needed to use my MacBook Air at all away from home or office, I’ve actually found that I haven’t been using it much at all. I am writing this now sitting at my office desk, using my iPad with a bluetooth keyboard. I haven’t even brought my notebook with me today.

Its actually nice not having to lug it around, and of course, among notebooks the MacBook Air is the pick of the crop when it comes to luggable power computing!

Yesterday I caught the train into the city for a couple of appointments, and a visit to the Apple Store. I usually drive, and not only did I get to avoid the 60-90 minute commute and stress levels that come with that, I actually got to do some work. I updated 2 documents and created a third from scratch, checked emails, worked on some spreadsheets and surfed the web a little, all while sitting on the train, and in a coffee shop before/after appointments.

For documents and spreadsheets, the Apple iWork apps of Pages and Numbers, coupled with iCloud, are fantastic. I had a short bus trip before and after one appointment, and it was brilliant to be able to keep working on the same document on the iPhone, as the bus was a bit too crowded and the trip a bit too short to warrant using the iPad.

All this work was done using the on-screen keyboard, as I didn’t really want to bring a bluetooth keyboard with me. I’ve found in the past that in my bag, the keyboard would sometimes be bumped and turn on and thus I’d lose my on-screen keyboard. I decided that I need a better way to carry a keyboard, and so my journey to the Bondi Apple Store resulted in the purchase of the Incase Origami Workstation (see photo).

I’ve only been using the case for 24 hours, and I love it. It makes heavy duty writing much easier.

So my iPads of March experiment is going well. I am finding that my productivity on the go is going well, and that there are few things I can’t reliably do using the device. The iWork apps are a great foundation, and the Incase case makes life easier. Over the next few posts, I’ll talk about further apps that make life easier. I have found a couple of "productivity gaps", and also plan to cover those.


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