Hybrid PC-Tablets – Revival or Desperate Move

Seems that Microsoft and PC manufacturers are trying to drive focus on “hybrid” PC-tablet products to combat the iPad. This article in the SMH talks about this trend based on products introduced at the recent CES show

Call these machines “hybrids”, “convertibles”, or maybe just call them “very weird”.

IMHO, one of Microsoft’s long term mistakes is trying to force-fit a one-size-fits-all approach to OS and devices. They want Windows to run every computer from a smart phone to a high end server. They, along with some of the PC manufacturers who are dependent on the Windows ecosystem, continue to focus on the techology that drives their world, rather than focus on the needs and wants of users (aka “customers”).

This is probably why Acer and Asus are dropping the netbook, and why Samsung USA is not planning to bring Windows RT products to market. Yet each of these companies is pushing forward with Andriod based tablets, and why Acer and Asus are also continuing with Windows 8 based tablets. It will be interesting to see if Acer and Asus follow Samsung away from Windows RT.

Personally, my iPad is my main device away from the office. Only occasionally do I use my MacBook Air, and generally only when needed for specific needs – particularly Keynote presentations that have embedded multimedia (the iOS version of Keynote doesn’t yet support these requirements).

Back in the office, I use my “truck” (an iMac) to do most of my heavy processing, particularly images, videos, building presentations, accounts and heavy duty writing. But for a heck of a lot of people the iPad or other tablet will handle most, if not all, of their requirements.

In the words of Steve Jobs

After all, if you need a truck, you can always borrow one from a friend.

I wouldn’t consider a hybrid PC-tablet. It will likely be the “worst of both worlds” making compromises between power, portability and usability. I think the movements by Microsoft and PC manufacturers to push the hybrid PC-tablet is a sign of desperation to keep their existing view of the tech world, and not to consider the actual needs of users.


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