Turning a Blind Eye to Violence Against Women

wrIn the Canberra Times, Jenna Price asks why too many men still turn a blind eye or just do nothing when they witness violence against women. She talked to a woman who witnessed such a situation in Canberra recently.

There were quite a few men who were pulling up and just watching,’’ she said yesterday. ’’A couple of guys started laughing…”

It troubling to me that any “man” would still think that violence against women is acceptable or appropriate. Or funny.

The White Ribbon Campaign lists three steps towards the prevention of violence against women, importantly including:

challenging sexist and violent behaviour by speaking up about it, urging the perpetrator to seek professional help or contacting the police on 131 444 or, in an emergency, 000.

Of course getting directly, physically involved has risk, and stepping in will often lead to a physical encounter. This needs to be carefully considered.

But at the very least, we should take action. Call for help, be a witness, intervene if able or perhaps create a distration.

Guys, take the pledge to never commit, excuse or remain silent about violence against women.


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