Dealing with a customer service disaster – the NerdGap way

One of the basics of customer service is (or at least should be) honesty. If a problem occurs in a customer service scenario three simple rules should be followed:

  1. Admit the problem.
  2. Find the root cause and fix the problem.
  3. Move on.

While this should be fundamental to all customer service situations, all too often something gets in the way. Whether it be a fear of liability or simple ego too many service providers fail to own up to a problem when it occurs.

Author of the fabulous Evernote Essentials ebook, Brett Kelly, had a customer service disaster and quickly identified a problem that resulted in a lot of customers (and non-customers) getting incorrect emails indicating a purchase had been processed. Brett quickly fixed the problem and has today posted on his blog about it.

Brett goes into detail about the cause of the problem (spoiler alert: human error) and its effect. He offers an apology, and then learns from it.

The moral of the story is summarized nicely by a proverb I’m going to get tattooed across my frickin’ forehead later today: Measure twice, cut once.

This is a good example of a customer service problem being turned around. I suspect he might even gain sales from his honest approach.


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