Cobblestone Passageway

Cobblestone Passageway

20171121 Cobblestone Passage

Positano in the low season is marked by low numbers of tourists, and with many of the hotel, restaurant and retail workers being employed seasonally, the township is very quiet.

There are many opportunities to explore the streets, alleys and stairways without the crowds, and much of the time there are opportunities to make photos without any people at all—let alone crowds.

This image was made walking back up from the beach after a Positano sunrise photo session. This is one of the main alleyways between the Piazza dei Mulini and the beach. We walked up and down this alley each day, and most of the time had it to ourselves.

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Visiting in the off season.

20171121 Positano Low RoadWith the streets being few, and the footpaths fewer, the low volume of traffic on the road was welcome. It gave a great opportunity to explore, to stop and take in the view and to make photographs as was wandered up and down the Positano township.


  • Less crowds
  • Beautifully deserted laneway and streets
  • Easier to meander and explore
  • Not rushed (Suits the Italian pace of life)
  • Traffic slightly less crazy
  • Less jockeying for photography hotspots


20171123 Quiet Streets in the Positano Low Season* Less choice for accommodation and restaurants
* Limited ferry and boat services
* Some shops closed
* Not swimming weather (although the water temperature was nice)
* Fewer lights for blue hour city scape shots (although too many lights may have been overpowering).

We considered there to be many pros and just a few cons to visiting in the low season.


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