Marina Bay Three

Marina Bay Three

In my opinion, Singapore is one of the most incredible places for city scape photography, with the magnificent Marina Bay Sands hotel complex being one of the most incredible features in this stunning city.

The whole Singapore Downtown Core area, including Marina Bay contains a plethora of sights and photography sites and I could (and have) spent many hours exploring the area by day and night, and of course during the golden and blue hours.

While much of my photography is in the golden and blue hours, unusually this one is taken during the mid-afternoon sun. A circular polarising filter and some colour correction in post have helped in attaining an image that has pop.

As with most images shot with standard lenses, this one had some quite noticeable distortion, which I corrected using the built in tools in Lightroom CC – on the iPad Pro using an Apple Pencil. This has to be the easiest way of correcting distortion I’ve experienced. Of course it is important to leave plenty of space around structures that are going to be straightened as there will be some loss as you adjust distorted images.

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