Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge

Prague’s Charles Bridge is a pedestrian bridge linking the Old Town to the Prague Castle area.

We visited in Autumn (September) when the crowds were said to be relatively small, through it you look at the number of people on the bridge at sunset it is hard to imagine what is must be like when it is ‘busy’.

It is also hard to imagine what it must be like as I write this during the COVID-19 pandemic, when cities like Prague are on lockdown.

There are a number of good vantage points for shooting Charles Bridge, and sunrise and sunset align pretty well during our visit. PhotoPills was valuable in planning the time and positioning I wanted to get the best image.

In this case I went up the tower at the Eastern end of the bridge for the sunset image. I went up the tower well before sunset to find my spot, and waited there through sunset and into the golden hour and blue hour.

During this time, I made sure to allow space for others to get images, noting the vast majority of people would stay for a few minutes, capturing a small number of shots before moving on.


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