Waterview Wharf Workshops

Waterview Wharf Workshops

Around Christmas we had a walk around North Sydney, and I noticed in the distance these interesting looking and colourful sheds on the shores across Sydney Harbour. I had previously spied these as I was on a boat, and once we got home I did a search on Flickr to identify them. Once I found out what they were, and where they were, I launched PhotoPills to find some vantage points, and within a couple of days we set off to have a look.

The Waterview Wharf Workshops are in Balmain, and there are many great vantage points from Ballast Point Park, on the other side of Mort Bay.

This is an interesting spot that I will return to in different weather conditions and at different times of the year. Storms and sunrises will be interesting here.

As with anywhere, the challenge will be to make interesting compositions, knowing what to eliminate from Sydney’s skyline, and what to keep. I felt that the distinctive Barrangaroo Tower on the left was worth keeping in for this shot, and I have some different composition ideas for when I next visit.

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Camera, Lens and Editing Data

  • C: Fujifilm X-T4
  • L: Fujinon XF 55-200mm f3.5-f4.8 R LM OIS
  • E: Lightroom, Photoshop, Luminar


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  1. I like the colours. When you wrote that the “…distinctive Barrangaroo Tower on the left was worth keeping in for this shot”, what do you mean? It seems like a tall building. Other than a close-up is there a composition of the colourful sheds that excluded the Barangaroo Tower?

    1. Thanks for dropping by!

      Good question – there are different compositional angles that could include Barangaroo Tower, although much more angular. And in some of those you would have other CBD towers in the skyline that aren’t in this comp.

      I am also considering a low, tight pano that could really exclude many of the buildings behind the colourful wharf buildings. Of course, you’d end up with an ‘intimate cityscape’ that would also exclude sky…

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