Stormy Valley

Stormy Valley

We had the opportunity to do some snowshoeing twice in 2022, with this time in early November being a late season unexpected opportunity, courtesy of the cold snap. On this occasion we started from the carpark above the Charlotte Pass Snow Resort and hiked up Mt Stilwell.

We started with a clear morning, but the storm clouds approached as we got towards the peak of Stilwell. This image was shot from an overlook near the top of Charlotte Pass’ Koscuiszko Triple Chairlift, and provided magnificent views down the Perisher Valley. The gathering storm clouds provided atmosphere—both IRL and for the image!

The hike to Mount Stilwell (in hiking season) remains on our ‘to-hike’ list, so without the opportunity to have previously navigated the route, we were pleased to have the support of a local guide. It can take the guess work out of the hike.

Image Data

  • C: Fujifilm X-T4
  • L: Fujinon XF 16-80mm f4 R OIS WR
  • E: Lightroom Classic

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Created on the traditional lands of the Ngarigo people


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  1. This view is stunning, Des. I want to do more winter hiking than I did last year.

    The northern USA, including my home state of New Jersey, is experiencing “the deep freeze”. We had some snow this week, but the winds make the outdoors unbearable for me. We have wind gusts of up to 47 km/h, and outdoor temperatures have been as low as -23°C for the last two nights.

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