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Feeding Time

Feeding Time by Des Paroz on 500px Time to post an underwater image! To be honest, I am not sure how exactly I feel about shark feeds. In general, shark feeding can change shark behaviour—making them reliant on being fed at a certain time and certain place, and perhaps on food stuff they wouldn’t normally…
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Shark Attacks Statistics and Policy

A great article today on The Conversation about shark bite statistics and policy. A cursory glance at statistics can lead to fear and a perception that shark attacks are on the rise. This can lead to bad policy, such as the shark cull in Western Australia, with the acting Premier Kim Hames vocalising the policy…
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A scientific approach to shark bite prevention

As always, an excellent piece from The Conversation discussing the reality of shark bite prevention The risks will continue when people go in the ocean, no matter what the government catches or does not catch. The may be our playground, but it is the home for sharks. Shark attacks are rare, but traumatic and dramatic.…
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Australian Shark Attacks

Its summer, the news is a little light on, so the media begins to focus on shark attacks: Some may have considered the three fatal shark attacks in West Australian waters in 2011 to be a tragic coincidence. However, when a further two fatal attacks and one life threatening shark attack occurred in the state in 2012, many had little doubt…
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Shark Extinction

A couple of months ago I blogged about Shark Perils, showing a great infographic from Josh Aggars. Josh has gone one better, and created a new infographic  that shows the shocking truth behind shark extinction. Created by Surfmeisters.com Surf Blog | Surf Videos | Havaianas Shark numbers are in decline, and as the apex predator…
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Shark Perils

As a keen scuba instructor-trainer, I am a big believer in advocating self defence in our oceanic adventures. But mostly in defending ourselves from the silly antics of people. Marine life is seldom a problem, but is headline making whenever an "attack" occurs.... Created by Surfmeisters Surf Blog | Surf Videos | Flip Flops
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