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That Wanaka Willow

Commonly known as thatWanakaTree, the Wanaka Willow is a tree that grows out in the waters of New Zealand's Lake Wanaka. Supposedly the most photographed tree in the world, the Wanaka Willow attracts dozens of photographers each sunrise and sunset to capture imagery of this rather unique vista. As with all of our experiences on…
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Wakatipu Reflections

A trio of images from the Queenstown area of New Zealand, featuring the stunning mountain ranges as a backdrop to the magic foreground of Lake Wakatipu. The scenery around Queenstown is simply breathtaking and would keep any landscape photographer happy for years. Wakatipu Reflections Magnificent reflections on Lake Wakatipu. Driving back from Glenorchy to Queenstown…
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A New Zealand Adventure Begins

Queenstown, a city on New Zealand's South Island, is sometimes referred to as the 'adventure capital of the world', a title it has earned through the variety of outdoor and adventure activities that can be pursued in and around this alpine city. Even the flight into Queenstown is regarded as the world's most scenic approach,…
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